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How to compile your own rating of reliable and profitable signals for copying.

NordFX offers its clients access to one of the largest international networks of automatic trade signal copying.
Connecting to this network does not require installing any additional software on your computer, since access to it is integrated into the terminals MT4 and MT5. In order to start copying, just open the "Signals" tab, which is located at the bottom of your trading terminal.

There are about 10,000 signals at your disposal. As practice shows, the main difficulty is the choice of signal to copy in order to receive significant and stable profit for a long time.
To solve this problem, leading NordFX analyst John Gordon offers you a fairly simple but effective method.

For example, let's take the data for MT4 for July 2017. With the help of the auto-transfer function, we select the top 10 signals in the MT4 rating and 10 signals, most popular among subscribers (Table 1), and write out those signals that have entered both ratings.

Then, using the data, we fill out Table 2 with the main online monitoring data on these signals. (There are about 50 such parameters, but we will limit ourselves to four of them).

The longer the lifetime of the signal (in weeks), the better. The maximum drawdown, on the contrary, should be as small as possible.
As for the increase in the deposit, it is desirable that the signal brings a stable profit for a long time. For example, the signal CALM showed a profit of 238% for 6 months of the year 2015, in 2016 it showed 668%, but for the first six months of 2017, the profit was only 5%. It is for this reason that we reject this signal.
For the same reason, we also reject EA PAMM.

The Opus 08 signal has a lifetime that is too small. Thus, there remain just two signals: Gann ADV and Master of EURCHF. Setting the two against each other, the first one wins. It has a significantly smaller drawdown with a significantly longer life expectancy, indicating a lower risk for the investor/subscriber.

In this example, we have considered a selection of only the 10 signals that head the ratings. It is strongly advised to expand the search area to at least 20 or even 50 signals. It is also very important to subscribe not just to one of them, but immediately to several, in other words to form an investment portfolio. This will significantly reduce your trading risks.

More information about the service "Signals" is available on the NordFX website:

Photos from John Gordon's post

Photos from John Gordon's post